“How will you be useless to capitalism today?” -Bronte Velez

A question to embody everyday. My dear friend Bronte said this to me one day and it is a question that continues to morph and shapeshfit each time I read it. It is an inquiry for a lifetime. Take a moment to Journal. Meditate. Sleep on it. Daydream.

Please rest.

Disrupt and push back against a system that views you as a machine. You are not a machine. You are a divine human being. WE WILL REST!

Photo from our February 2020 Resurrect Rest School in Atlanta, Georgia.
Drawing from the spirit of connected and in-person community organizing, Resurrect Rest School is a gathering space dedicated to the deep study, teaching, and practice of The Nap Ministry’s rest-as-resistance framework. The School serves as an intensive intervention and provocative space to understand and embody The 4 Tenets of The Nap Ministry, a series of core principles infused with the principles of Black Liberation Theology, Afrofuturism, Womanism, somatics, and communal care.

Photo by: Wild Talk Stories & Strategies wildtvlk.com


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