The Nap Ministry was founded in 2016 by Tricia Hersey and is an organization that examines the liberating power of naps. We engage with the power of performance art, site-specific installations, and community organizing to install sacred and safe spaces for the community to rest together. We facilitate immersive workshops and curate performance art that examines rest as a radical tool for community healing.  We believe rest is a form of resistance and name sleep deprivation as a racial and social justice issue.  

We are very active on social media because we view our pages as one of our many tools  to help deprogram the masses from grind culture. Please feel free to follow us to learn more about this justice movement.





Photo from our Site Installation, “A Resting Place” for Flux Projects. Ponce City Market, Atlanta, 2019. Phtoto by: @capturedbytabia